July 9, 2018
July 9, 2018

There’s a new club in town; a club that resonates with all the excitement and vitality of downtown T.O.; a club that brings you home to the vibrancy of King St. West and puts you right in the heart of Toronto’s trendiest, most vital new neighbourhood, where the energy is palpable 24/7.

This is KINGSCLUB – an exclusive condo for member’s only – your key to the nec plus ultra of condominium living in one of Toronto’s most premier locations.

King Street is rooted in the marrow of Toronto’s downtown; it embodies the essence of Toronto’s unique character and sensibilities; its personality, its ethos. Perhaps more than any other street, King is Toronto, its terrain marked by the deep grooves of the streetcars that traverse its lengths; sidewalks that promenade through downtown’s most compelling quarters. King Street is the very backbone of the city with its chic clubs, theatres and nightspots. It is the vertex of the Fashion District, the Financial District and as it wends westward, King Street has become the city’s hippest condominium neighbourhood. An urban revitalization unprecedented in the city’s history flanked by two of the city’s most dynamic neighbourhoods – King West Village with its townhomes and condominiums, eclectic shops, fashionable restaurants and artist studios epitomizes urban living in the city and on the other side, trendy Liberty Village’s high-gloss condos, sexy storefronts and cafes. And now, kingsclub, the zenith of residential and retail partnership in King West is about to unfold.